• 1) Do Simplified Loader templates need ADFdi plugin?

    Simplified Loader templates work independently of ADFdi plugin. Users don’t need to install ADFdi plugin on their machine for Simplified Loader templates to work.

  • 2) We use Single Sign-On (SSO) login in our organisation, will Simplified Loader templates work with SSO login?

    Simplified Loader templates support SSO login and non-SSO (local user) login.

  • 3) We added new DFF, how can we get new DFF fields in Simplified Loader template?

    Email details of the new DFF to Support@SimplifiedLoader.com. We will update the template with new DFF and email you the revised template.

  • 4) How to use Lookup sheet in Simplified Loader templates?

    Values in the Lookup sheet are used when entering data in the DataSheet. Follow steps below to use Lookup value in DataSheet

    1. In DataSheet, double-click on the cell where you want to make use of a lookup table
    2. Lookup sheet will open with a form to search relevant values
    3. Enter search criteria and press the “Filter (Ent)” button. This will filter records in the Lookup table
    4. Once you are satisfied with the search results, close the dialog box by clicking the “Close (Esc)” button
    5. Double-click on the value that you want to use
    6. Lookup value gets copied to the DataSheet
  • 5) Simplified Loader template puts field ID instead of value. How to get the user values for IDs?

    In some cases, Fusion ERP returns ID of the value instead of the actual field value. To see value for the ID, store ID and Value fields in Lookup sheet and use VLOOKUP formula in DataSheet.

    NOTE: You will need SQL knowledge to retrieve ID and Values from Fusion ERP.

  • 6) How to add a new lookup column in Simplified Loader templates?

    The following steps will guide you through the setup of a new lookup column:

    1. In the Lookup sheet, insert a new column(s) to store lookup values that you want to use. For example: Supplier Name, Supplier Type, City.
    2. In the About sheet, unhide columns “Lookup Column (Primary)” and “Lookup Column (Secondary)”, these are columns E & F in the About sheet. In “Lookup Column (Primary)” enter column name of the lookup column whose value you want to select and return to the DataSheet. Column names entered in DataSheet must be exactly same as defined in Lookup sheet. You cannot specify more than one primary column. For example: Supplier.Supplier Name. In this example Supplier is the lookup section name entered in row 1 of Lookup sheet, and Supplier Name is lookup field name entered in row 3 of Lookup sheet.
    3. In the About sheet, in “Lookup Columns (Supporting)” enter field names that would help you search the value in the lookup table. The columns in the supporting field get displayed in “Filter Lookup value” dialog box. Example: Supplier.Supplier Type; Supplier.City.NOTE: Use a semi-colon as a separator between columns.
    4. To default an existing value from DataSheet into “Filter Lookup value” form, simply enter DataSheet field name in square brackets. Example: Supplier.Supplier Type [Supplier Type]; Supplier.City [City]. Entering DataSheet field name will automatically look for the value in the Supplier Type column in DataSheet and filter data in Lookup sheet.
    5. Save the workbook.
    6. The user can now use Lookup functionality from the DataSheet.
  • 7) User have 300 records in DataSheet, they want to upload data for only 15 rows. How can user selectively upload data?

    To selectively upload data, highlight row(s) before acting. The user needs to highlight the entire row by clicking row number in the Spreadsheet. Highlighting rows, processes only selected records. When no rows are highlighted, the user receives a pop-up message to confirm if they want to act on all rows in the sheet.

  • 8) After performing any action, why do user lose data from the clipboard?

    Simplified Loader templates use the clipboard to process data. Any information stored in the clipboard will be lost when you act using Simplified Loader menu.

  • 9) Can user change data in the About sheet?

    Until instructed, adding additional columns, changing column data type, or changing relevant fields in About sheet is not permitted. The user is only allowed to alter lookup columns information in the About sheet. Please refer: “How to add a new lookup column in Simplified Loader templates?” for more details.

  • 10) We have set up a new DEV environment (pod), how can we get Simplified Loader templates to work with new environment?

    Email the environment URL and Alias to Support@SimplifiedLoader.com. We will set up the environment and email the revised template.

  • 11) User licenced to use Simplified Loader template has changed jobs, how can we change the licenced user?

    Email the new username and the username that needs swapping to Support@SimplifiedLoader.com. We will end date licence for existing user and replace it with the new user.

  • 12) Loader template received from Simplified Loader contains sample sheet. Can we delete sample sheets?

    Sample sheets are there to give a basic understanding of the data that the template need. If the user feels that they do not require sample sheets, then sample sheets can be deleted.

  • 13) Can user insert more rows in “DownloadCriteria” sheet?

    The number of rows available in DownloadCriteria is fixed. The user cannot insert more rows in “DownloadCriteria” sheet.

  • 14) User entered an incorrect password in login form. How can user correct the password??

    To correct the password, click the Logout button and then Log in again.

    NOTE: The password is not validated until data from the Excel sheet is sent to Fusion Cloud. The user receives an incorrect password error only when the data is sent to Fusion ERP.

  • 15) How to fix error “Unable to perform action. The user either entered an invalid password or the user does not have access to perform requested action.”?

    The user gets this error when the user enters an incorrect password, or the user does not have the privilege to perform the action. Refer “What privileges does user need to use Simplified Loader templates?” section to find out right privilege related to the functionality. Assign the privilege to the user and retest the issue.

  • 16) How do user know what action is performed by specific button??

    Every template supplied by Simplified Loader contains an About sheet with “Menu Actions” section. Menu Action section contains all the buttons available in the Simplified Loader menu. Look for “Relevant Field” text, to find out if the button considers data entered in the field.

  • 17) Using Simplified Loader templates, can user load data into DEV or TEST environments (pods)??

    Simplified Loader templates can be used in either TRIAL mode or LICENCED mode. TRIAL mode allows connection to DEV or TEST environments only. After purchasing the template, the user gets additional access to the LIVE environment.

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