Task Template

Task template allows to create, download, and update tasks using Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Functionalities provided by the Task template include the following

Create Task Structure

Create Task Structure button allows the user to add Task Structure to the Project. This functionality comes in handy where Project Template does not contain a Task Structure and the user has to create the first task on the Project. Task template includes about 50 fields that the user can enter while creating the Task Structure.

Add Tasks

Add Tasks functionality adds new Tasks to an existing Task Structure. Fields supported by Add Tasks functionality are the same as the fields supported by Create Task Structure.

Download Tasks

Simplified Loader templates allows to download Task data from Fusion Cloud. Downloading data comes handy when user want to make an update on a task. Download function supports downloading Task by Project.

Update Tasks

User can update downloaded data and upload it back to Fusion Cloud using Update Task button. Update Task functionality supports same fields as Add Task or Create Task Structure functionality.

Update Task DFF

Using Update Task DFF, the user can DFF values on the Task.

Delete Tasks

Using Delete Tasks functionality, the user can delete the Task directly from the spreadsheet.

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1) Roles required for Task Template.

The user must have Project Integration Specialist (ORA_PJF_PROJECT_INTEGRATION_SPECIALIST_JOB) role to upload transaction.