Requisitions Dashboard – Mobile App

Requisitions Dashboard template allows the user to review Requisitions based on different timeframes. Click to download the app from the iOS App Store iOS App Store or Android Play Store.

Requisitions Dashboard

Requisitions Dashboard app allows the user to analyse their Requisitions based on different timeframes. The interactive graphs provide a visual representation of Requisition data. Clicking on the graphs takes the user to the table that makes up data displayed in the chart. The data table is fully customizable, and the results can be shared in Excel format with a click of a button.

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1) Sharing data from mobile app.

Results (data table) page comes with the Share button. The Share button is located at the bottom of the page. Share functionality exports data into Excel format and allows you to share it in Email, Message, or any other supporting application installed on your mobile device.

2) Privileges required to use Requisitions Dashboard app.

Requisitions Dashboard app do not require any additional privileges.