Purchase Requisition Template

User no more needs to log in to Fusion ERP to create Purchase Requisition in Fusion ERP. Purchase Requisition template allows to create, update, and download Requisition details from Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Functionalities provided by the Purchase Requisition template

Create Requisitions

Requisition template allows to create and submit requisitions for approval directly from the Spreadsheet. The user can create multiple Purchase Requisition with numerous Lines and Distributions in seconds. In case of any validation error, a detailed error message is displayed to the user right in the spreadsheet.

Download Requisitions

Download Requisition functionality allows to download a Requisition from Fusion ERP to Excel Spreadsheet.

Update External Requisitions

Update External Requisition functionality allows to update external requisitions from the Spreadsheet.

Populate Requisition Interface

Populate interface table provides an alternate method to create requisitions. Features provided by Populate Requisition Interface are same as Create Requisition functionality, with a difference that requisition detail first gets stored in interface table and subsequently when Interface request is submitted, Requisitions get creates in Fusion ERP.

Submit Interface Request

Use Submit Interface Request functionality to create requisitions from interface table. Submit Interface program processes all Requisition data in the interface table. The user gets both success or rejection error message right in the sheet.

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1) Privileges required for Purchase Requisition Template.

The user must have the following privileges to upload the transaction:

  1. Search Purchase Request by Web Service (PO_SEARCH_PURCHASE_REQUEST_WEB_SERVICE_PRIV)
  2. Manage Purchase Request by Web Service (PO_MANAGE_PURCHASE_REQUEST_WEB_SERVICE_PRIV)