Project Template

Project template allows to create, download, and update projects using Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Functionalities provided by the Project template

Create Project

Creating projects using Simplified Loader template is as simple as entering the name of the source of the Project Template, Project Name, and Numbers that the user wishes to create. Project template contains about 70 fields that the user can input to create a project. In case of a validation error, the user immediately receives a message back from the Fusion Cloud detailing the cause of the failure.

Download Project

Simplified Loader templates allows to download the Project Header data from the Fusion Cloud. Downloading data comes in handy when the user wants to make an update on an existing project. Download function supports filtering data based on fields like Project Number, Project Name, Organization, etc.

Update Project Header

Users can update downloaded Project information into the spreadsheet and upload it back to Fusion Cloud using the Update Project Header button. Fields like Project Description, Service Type, Start and End Date, etc. are updated using Update Project Header button.

Update Project Status

User can update Project status on several projects with a single click. Updating Project status supports adding user comments.

Update Project Classification

Using Update Project Classification functionality, the user can either add a new classification or update the value of an existing classification. Update Project Classification supports classification DFF values.

Update Project Header (2) and DFF

Update Project Header (2) and DFF button is an extension to Update Project Header functionality. Using this functionality user can update Project Name, Project Organisation, Project DFFs, etc.

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1) Roles required for Project Template.

The user must haveĀ Project Integration Specialist (ORA_PJF_PROJECT_INTEGRATION_SPECIALIST_JOB) role to upload transaction.