Payable Invoice

Payables Invoice templates allows the user to create and update AP Invoices in the interface and submit process to import data from the interface.

Create Payable Invoices

Create Payable Invoices functionality creates a record of Payables Invoice in the interface table. The user can utilise Create Payable Invoice to create PO matched or a non-PO matched invoice.

Update Payable Invoices

Update Payable Invoices functionality allows the user to make changes in the Payables interface table before the data is imported into Fusion.

Submit Invoice Interface

Submit Invoice Interface feature submits the program to import data from Interface table into Fusion.

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1) Privileges required for AP Invoices Template.

The user must have the following privileges to upload the transaction:

  1. View Payables Invoice by Web Service (AP_INV_VIEW_WEB_SERVICE_PRIV)
  2. Create Payables Invoice by Web Service (AP_INV_CREATE_WEB_SERVICE_PRIV)
  3. Create Payables Invoice (AP_CREATE_PAYABLES_INVOICE_PRIV)