About Us

We are all about cloud !!

Simplified Loader provides a user-friendly mechanism to upload or to download data from Fusion Cloud applications. We offer Microsoft Excel templates to support the different types of transactions upload to Fusion Cloud application. Simplified Loader templates can be used during implementation for data migration or in BAU to seamlessly process day to day transactions.

Our mission is to provide the most user-friendly, flexible and easy to use templates to our customers. Simplified Loader is the key to accurate, fast, and quality data upload into Fusion Cloud application. Whether you are migrating data or processing data as part of the day job, Simplified Loader accelerates this process by providing seamless integration between Microsoft Excel and Fusion Cloud. Simplified Loader’s product methodology is based on simplifying the user experience and providing the highest level of success to our customers.

Simplified Loader specializes in the delivery of robust, resilient and powerful integration with Fusion Cloud application. We add value at a reduced cost and support our customers’ business with a quick turnaround, accuracy, and less complexity.